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Literary fashion, because we all enjoy looking like our favorite book characters. Post a picture of you wearing one of these outfits (or one inspired by it) with the tag "betweenbooks" and you'll be featured!



1) You’re perfect and let’s be besties
2) yes yes yes

— 1 week ago

so I got a twitter! and you guys should, yknow, follow me. c:
( @julia_nall )

— 3 weeks ago
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fenny42 asked: Also - have you done Dirk Gently (Douglas Adams) or any of the other H2G2 series?


Thank you! And no, I haven’t, but I can certainly start!

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friendly reminder that my personal blog is andersonsdinosaurpalace and you wonderful people should definitely follow me there too c:

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derumi asked: once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself, and then pass this onto your ten favorite followers


u suck but ily

1) I have a dent on the tip of my tongue
2) I have a Deathly Hallows drawn on my arm in Sharpie and will continue redrawing it every morning until I get it as a tattoo.
3) I really really really love people.
4) sometimes I play Wonderwall on my acoustic guitar and feel like a terrible person.
5) my boyfriend is cute. my friends are cute. my dog is cute. everyone around me is cute.

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Rubeus Hagrid- Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

Happy birthday, Hagrid!


Rubeus Hagrid- Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

Happy birthday, Hagrid!

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Anonymous asked: Ok, so I noticed you said your askbox is open, on you-were-made-to-be-lokid's blog, and I just need to tell someone, anyone, that I think I'm gay. I don't have anyone that I trust enough to tell, and you seem perfectly wonderful


Hey! If you want to message me more on my personal blog, it’s Andersonsdinosaurpalace.
But I hope you get everything figured out soon! Just remember that whoever you are, you are a fantastic person.

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